Comet / The Pearl - Dundee Fringe 2021

Sweet@Dock Street Studios - The Gallery

COMET by John McCann

‘Last year Comet hit rock bottom. This year he started drilling…’

A reading by the playwright. Inspired by interviews he conducted with young men from across Northern Ireland in 2014, Comet is a powerful, raw and darkly funny look at being a teenage boy today.

THE PEARL was written by Donald Falconer in response to the exhibition Ambiguous Becoming at Cooper Gallery in 2020. It is the story of the inevitable & unstoppable change life brings whether we like it or not.

This is a script in hand sharing of a work in progress.

Directed by Jade Anderson

Performed by Jade Anderson, Josef Boon, Taylor Dyson & Calum Kelly.

Event Tags: drama, new work, compilation

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