Hattie Snooks' How The Geek Stole Christmas - Brighton Winter 2021

Sweet@The Welly - The Blue Room
Cabaret and Variety

Inside a snowflake, like the one on your sleeve, 
There happened a story you must see to believe… 
Who put on a Brighton Fringe show for a week,
She so loved to dance and to prance on the stage,
(And like other creatives, she needed a wage),
So when Christmastime neared, she thought it effective
To put on another show – one that was festive!
“I’ll thrill and delight with some carols and songs, 
And do all I can to entertain the throng,
Have mulled wine to drink and mince pies to eat,
We all can get cosy this Yuletide at Sweet!”

Her intentions were good, but this tale is absurd,
(Lest we forget that our hero’s a nerd),
Some say that she went far too far with her dream,
“I’ll have a festive show, but it will be themed!”
For no song was safe from her usual strategy,
Of shoehorning sci-fi references via parody,
And when Klingons get mixed up with the Andrews Sisters,
It must be the story of How the Geek Stole Christmas...
Event Tags: music, traditional, sci-fi, solo show

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