I Can't Believe It's Not Gender! (WIP) - FemFest 2022

Sweet@The Poets - Main Room

Award-winning sweet baby angel and notorious exhibitionist BERT ALERT has been having some fuNNy f33linGs about their gender so rather than fork out for therapy they’re gonna host a party to give their deadname the send off it deserves. And you, dearest theatre-goer, are invited to their First Ever bert-day party! (d’ya geddit?!) ‘I can’t believe it’s not Gender!’ is a chaotic and ridiculous exploration of the rituals of life and how queer people navigate, reinvent and destroy them. Part comedy show, part creative workshop, part birthday party, our host with the most genders will guide you, via the medium of party games and witchcraft, towards our gender identity of dreams. Buckle up binary boys we’re gonna die, get married, be born, retire, give birth and celebrate holidays but in The Most Gay Way Possible. I can’t believe it’s not Gender! is a euphoric celebration of gender nonconformity and the ways in which queer people create their own magic.

“uproarious laughter” - ★★★★ (The Reviews Hub)
“painfully funny” - ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby)
“a bold and daring soirée, where you leave with a cathartic bad taste in the mouth for the political movements and injustices of our time. Comedy and the bitter truth, is it REALLY possible to deliver both? Yes Brighton, it is. And it's nothing less than theatrical therapy.” - ★★★★ (BroadwayBaby)
“a nice quirky stand-up routine from a lanky bisexual” - ★★ (Bath Echo)

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