Taking Up Space With Life Drawing & Creative Writing - FemFest 2022

Sweet@The Poets - Main Room

This special two hour workshop for Brighton FemFest is about using creative mediums and activities to take up space in the cis-heteronormative, patriarchal, ableist, fatphobic white supremacy that wants to shrink us! We will draw a nude model and move through various reflective and creative writing prompts that cultivate reflection, groundedness, and connection. We will use our collective creativity as forms of activism, self-care and community building as we explore ways of shamelessly being in our bodies, as well as just having a gay old time. No experience necessary, basic materials provided but an open invitation to bring your lucky pen or favourite notebook. Bits & Pieces is a playful and provocative workshop series running in Brighton and London that uses life drawing and creative writing to create deeper connections with ourselves and our communities. We are unapologetically queer: our workshops are part of community building, and about getting people together to socialise and connect. We are feminist, body positive, and dedicated to social justice which often informs our themes! We use themes to format sessions, so that we can play and explore with art to reflect on society, identity and ways of being in the world. We believe in art as community care and activism and are against the gatekeeping of creativity. Our aim is to create accessible and fun art spaces that encourage everyone to get involved, regardless of experience, and without worrying about the finished product.

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