Rehearsed Reading: The Season of The Witch + Witches B' Crazy - FemFest 2022

Sweet@The Poets - Main Room

Witches B’ Crazy - From the award-winning creator behind ‘Still Not Getting It’ and ‘Coming Home With Me’, Maddie Ross of Girl Code Theatre presents, ‘Witches B’ Crazy’.In this brand new piece of writing, you’ll be taken on a whirlwind ride throughout the history of British witchcraft and the dangerous misogynists who persecuted them. When young witches Phyllis and Margaret find themselves at the whim of a maniacal narrator, they get a chance to rewrite history. Will Margaret and Phyllis sink or swim? This time the women get to decide. Given their chance to fight back, ‘Witches B’ Crazy’ will tell the stories of your new favourite witches you’ve probably never heard of, cos, you know, history. Meet the Bideford Witches, a cackling gaggle of “old hags”, the young and sexy Eleanor Cobham, the woman who practically invented having a personal astrologer and even a token horrible man, or two, no broom is left unturned.
Season of the Witch - Co-Founder of Clap Back Club and Co-Creator of ‘In Loving Memory of Pat Riarchy’ and ‘Retrain, Reduce Recycle’, Annie North presents her debut solo piece, ‘Season of the Witch’. In a dingy pub on bonfire night in Lewes, history is being made. In a new world where feminism has gone too far, three local men sit around a radio listening in on the court case of the century. Somewhere in America, a woman is standing on trial for witchcraft, punishable by death. And these men couldn’t be happier about it. When the unwelcomed, loud voice of the landlady’s niece bursts through the pub’s doors, history suddenly hangs in the balance. In a world of control and suspicion, who really has the power?

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