Des Kapital: The Joy of Marx - Brighton Fringe 2022

Sweet@The Poets - Main Room

Cult history karaoke show! Commie crooner Des (winner Gulag's Got Talent, winner New Faces in the Central Committee and runner up: Made in Chernobyl), the pop star of the proletariat, is back and here to sort out your love life while you help him select an appropriate communist bride from the history of Marxist WAGS. Expect new parodies including The Spice Girls (If You Wanna Be My Lenin?) , Avril Lavigne (Commie Girl) and Chris de Burge (Lady Really IS red), The Bee Gees (How Deep Is Your Dam?) and a host of Des classics including Trotsky, Stasi, and Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Mao. From the star of sell-out Edinburgh Shows Never Mind the Cossacks and I'm Loving Engels instead. See Des Live, before he's cancelled by the Politburo. It's a work meeting AND a Communist Party! Created by Andy Thomas (Brighton Fringe Comedy Winner Crimes Against Humanities Teachers).
Event Tags: pop, satire, political
Warnings: Age 14+

Performance Dates and Times
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