0.0031% (Plastic and Chicken Bones) - Brighton Fringe 2022

Sweet@The Poets - Main Room

"Is she perfect? Not at the beginning - and maybe not ever. But she doesn't have to be perfect. She just has to make better decisions than any human could. As it turns out, that's a pretty low bar to reach." A glimpse into our future history reveals our evolution into a species that is smarter, more creative, and - thanks to the mapping of the human ideologue - immortal. Consciousness is periodically backed up and different bodies are worn like clothes. Through an infinitely small margin of error, Dryskoll, a retro-terraforming agent, finds their ideologue projected back to a time before the Great Reboot when humans still governed themselves with the catastrophic consequences of pandemics, climate change, and war. As Dryskoll awakes in cold and unfamiliar surroundings, they reflect on how they ended up there - while trying to escape the events they know are about to unfold in the next phase of human civilisation.
Event Tags: new work, sci-fi, solo show
Warnings: Age 12+

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