Laurel & Hardy Cabaret - Brighton Fringe 2022

Sweet@The Poets - Main Room

Lucky Dog are generally regarded as being the best Laurel and Hardy re-enactors in the world. They have performed to full houses and standing ovations throughout the UK and into America, Germany, and the Czech Republic since 2013. They have also played many conventions and events with other (often very rare) material that Stan and Ollie once performed on stage, including newsreels, records, lost footage and even scripts that were never filmed. The Laurel & Hardy Cabaret is a bumper package of these routines, songs, and dances from The Boys' 30-year career. Featuring some classic movie sequences, along with some hilarious Music Hall sketches the pair toured in the 1940s and 50s, you will be transported back to a more innocent time - yet still be amazed at how current their comedy remains. Take a seat and have some hard-boiled eggs and nuts washed down with soda... soda... soda... and what will you have, Stan?
Event Tags: slapstick, sketch show, family
Warnings: Age 4+

Performance Dates and Times
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