Minus 9 - Brighton Fringe 2022

Sweet@The Welly - The Blue Room

From the outside all seems to be silent, from the inside the first blast of the universe is making a big band. MINUS 9 is a tailor-made performance that is created for each single audience member. It is a solo made by/for the audience's ear. In MINUS 9 the boundaries between musician and audience, between music and ritual, silence and sound, drumming and dreaming are broken down. Objective: to cross the inner ear sound barrier, to expose the noise/the music that is hidden inside our machine. K&A: "With MINUS 9 we tease the equilibrium in the hierarchy of the senses. Can the ear become an experimental lutherie? Can the hear become a crack into our border armor? Can the here become the touching vestibule of a new order? With MINUS 9 our goal is to challenge once again the distance in between, how far are we from each other? When do we allow ourselves to be touched, metaphorically and literally?" "Far exceeds the intimate boundary between performer and spectator" (TheaterKrant)
Event Tags: acoustic, live music, performance art
Warnings: Age 18+

Performance Dates and Times
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